Ondřej Adámek

Compositions (2000-2019)


Schlafen gut. Warm. (2019)

for 6 voices and 3 percussion players.

Commission of WDR, Novembermusic and BKP – DAAD.

Premier : 12 May 2019,Wittener Tage Neue Kammermusik

Ensemble NESEVEN, ensemble Eklekto, Ondrej Adamek – conductor

Duration 23 minutes


Lost Prayer Book (2018)

For Sheng and 15 instruments

Commission of Musikfabrik, London Philharmonia, 2e2m, Asko/Schönberg

Premier 13 February 2020, Wu-Wei, Ensemble Musikfabrik, Ondrej Adamek conductor,

Philharmony Köln

Duration 20 minutes


Schreibt bald ! (2018)

A concert/performance piece
for 21 voices, amplified objects and real time video projection

on text from the letters of A. P. and M. P., Theresienstadt, Birkenau 1943-1945

commission Philharmonie Essen

Premier 28 October 2018, Chorwerk Ruhr, Ondrej Adamek conductor

Duration 36 minutes



Alles klappt (2018)

Music theatre piece for 6 singers and 2 percussionists

Text: Katharina Schmitt

Duration 60 minutes

Commission: Biennale Munich

Premier: 6 June 2018, Residenztheater – Marstall, Munich

publisher: babelscores.com


Follow me (2017)

Concerto for violin and orchestra

Bayerisches Rundfunk’s, festival Musica’s and Helsinki Philharmonic’s commission

premier 15 December 2017, Musica Viva, Herkulessaal, Munich

Isabelle Faust, Peter Rundel, Bayerischer Rundfunks Orchester

Duration 25 minutes

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)




Conséquences particulièrement blanches ou noires (2016)

for Airmachine 2 and 14 instruments

premier the 10 mars 2016, Musé des Confluences, Lyon

Roméo Monteiro, Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, Daniel Kawka

Duration 24 minutes



7 Stones (2016)

opera for 4 voices solo and 12 choir singers, all playing also instruments and objects

text: Sjón

premier the 7th July 2018, festival Aix-en-Provence

duration 1h30

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)


Conséquences particulièrement blanches ou noires (2015)

for Airmachine 2 solo

Grame’s and Archipel’s (Génève) commission

premier 8 March 2016, Musé des Confluences, Lyon

Roméo Monteiro

Duration 27 minutes


Steinar (2014)

for 6 voices playing instruments or for a choir of 18-36 voices playing instruments

based on Kameny

texte: Sjón

WDR Commission for the Witten festival, premier 26 April 2015, Neue Vokalsolisten Stuttgart

duration 17 minutes

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)


Körper und Seele (2014)

for „Airmachine“ (instrument/sculpture developed by composer), video, choir and orchestra,

text : Sjón, Czech popular text, vedic mantra

SWR commission for Donaueschinger Musiktage

Premier 19 October 2014

SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart, SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg

Conductor François Xavier Roth

Duration: 30 minutes

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)


Polednice (2013)

for choir and orchestra

text : Karel Jaromír Erben

Warsaw Autumn commission

Premier 20 September 2013, Warsaw Autumn

Polis Radio National Choir Krakow

Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra Katowice

Alexander Liebreich Conductor

Duration : 20 minutes

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)



Kameny (2012)

for choir (up 24 voices) and 16 instruments,

text: Sjón

Ensemble Intercontemporain commission

Premier 30 January 2013,

Choir SWR, Ensemble Intercontemporain,

Conductor George Benjamin

Duration : 30 minutes

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)


Le Dîner (2012)

performance with text, staging, video,12 musicians around a table, painter painting in real time and conductor

State commission (France)

Premiered 15 Mai 2012, CRR de Paris, France

Charlotte Guibé – painter, ensemble 2e2m, Conductor Pierre Roullier

Duration 35 minutes

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)



Poupée Mécanique (2011)

for female voice and 14 instruments

State commission (France)

Premiered September 2011, Besançon, France

Shigeko Hata – voice

Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain,

Conductor Daniel Kawka

Duration 20 minutes

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)


Chamber Nôise I (2010)

Duo for violoncello and contrabass

Premiered 30 November 2010

Czech Cultural Center in Paris

Duo Tamba: Delphine Biron, Yann Dubost (dedicators)

Duration 14 minutes

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)


Lo que no’ contamo’ (2010)

String quartet no. II

SWR Commission for the Donaueschingen festival

Premiered 16 October 2010, Diotima string quartet

Duration17 minutes

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)


B-low Up (2009-2010)

17 instruments (,, harp, piano, accordion,

WDR Commission for the Witten festival

Premiered 23 April 2010, Klangforum Wien

Conductor Stephan Asbury

Duration 11 minutes

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)



Imademo (2009-2010)

Soprano, viola, sampler

GMEM Commission

Premiered 28 April 2010, Les Musiques festival, Marseille, France

Shigeko Hata – soprano, Carol Jimenez – viola, Ondrej Adamek – sampler

Duration 20 minutes




Nôise (2009)

27 instruments (,, 3 percussion, harp, piano,

Ensemble Intercontemporain commission

Premiered 9 February 2010, Cité de la musique, Paris, Ensemble Intercontemporain

Conductor Susanna Mälkki

Duration 24 minutes

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)



Sinuous Voices (2004, revised 2009)

17/20 musicians (or chamber orchestra)

(fl, 2 cls, sax S/T, bon, trp, cor, trbn, harpe, pno, 2 percs, strings or

Premiered 13 November 2004, Montréal, Canada (previous version Sinuous Words)

Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Conductor Laurrainne Veillencourt

Duration 16 minutes



Coups d’ailes (2008)

Brass octet in space

(4tr, 2 horns, 2 trbn)

Commission of Musée du Louvre and Lucern Festival

Premiered at Lucern festival, 30 August 2008

Duration 7 minutes



Ca tourne ça bloque (2007-2008)

10 instruments and sampler

(fl, English horn, bcl, bon, perc., 2 vn, vla, vcl, cb, sampler)

Commission of Integra

Premiered 10 June 2008, festival Agora, IRCAM (Paris, France)

Ensemble Court Circuit, Conductor Jean Deroyer

Duration 16 minutes



Ombre Cri

Trumpet, choir, symphonic orchestra

(4 fls, 3 obs, 4 cls, 3 bons, 4 hns, 3 trpts, 3 trbns, tba, 4 perc., pno, harp, strings)

Commission of Orchestre national d’île de France

Premiered 23 May 2008, festival Ile de découvert, Créteil (France)

David Guerrier – trumpet solo, Sequenza 9.3, Orchestre National d’île de France,

Catherine Simonpiétri, Jean Deroyer conductors

Duration 18 minutes

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)



Endless Steps

Symphonic orchestra

(,, 6 perc., pno, harp, strings)

Commission of Lucerne festival academy 2006

Premiered at Lucerne festival, 4 September 2008

Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra, conductor Pierre Boulez

Duration 18 minutes, Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)




6 percussions

Commission of Les percussionnistes de Strasbourg 2007

Premiered 8 September 2007, Royaumont, France

Duration 15 minutes



Dusty Rusty Hush

Symphony orchestra

(,, 4 perc., harp, strings)

Commission of Brandenburg Sinfoniker 2007

Premiered 9 September 2007, Brandenburg, Germany

Duration 20 minutes

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)


Jardin Perdu (2006)

3 voices and orchestra

(2 sopranos, 1 counter-tenor, 4 fls, 4 cls, 4 hns, 3 trpts, 3 trbns, tba, 4 perc., pno, harp, 2 vn, 2 vle, 2 vcli, cb)

Premiered 27 October 2006, Paris Conservatory (CNSMDP), orchestre des Lauréats du Conservatoire (OLC), ensemble l’Instant donné

Voices: Claire Pigeot, Landy Andriamboavonjy, Mickaël Mardayer

Conductor Zsolt Nagy


Shiny or Shy (2005-2006)

Symphonic orchestra

(,, 4 perc., pno, harp, strings)

Premiered 27 June 2006, Cité de la Musique, Paris, France

Orchestra OLC, conductors Kanako Abe, Lionel Branguier

Duration 12 minutes

Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)



Silent Touches (2005)

Baritone and 5 instruments (trbn, vn, vcl, perc, pno)

Premiered 10 September 2005, Royaumont, France

Baritone Jean-Christophe Jacquez, ensemble Contrechamps

Conductor Jurjen Hampel

Duration 8 minutes



Rapid Eye Movements (2003-2005)

String quartet and electronics (5.1, also stereo version)

Premiered April 2005, IRCAM, Paris, France

Simon Routurier, Marie Salvat violins, Baptiste Vay viola, Sarah Sultan violoncello

Conductor Jan Krejcík

Duration 12 minutes



Strange Night in Daylight (2002-2004)

15 musicians (or more) and electronics

(fl, cl, horn, trp, 2 perc, pno, sampler, 2 vn, 2 vle, 2 vli, 1cb)

Premiered January 2004, Paris Conservatory (CNSMDP), France

Orchestre du Conservatoire,

Conductor François-Xavier Roth


Cercle des Rythmes Vitaux (2003-2004)

Electroacoustic piece, (5.1, also stereo version)

Premiered February 2004

Petite Théâtre de Mercellis Bruxelles, Belgium

Duration 15.30 minutes


Gouttes, petites Gouttes (2002-2003)

18 instruments

(fl, ob, cl, bon, horn, trp, trbn, tba, perc, pno, ondes Mart., 2 perc., 2vn, vla, vcl, cb)

Premiered February 2003, Paris Conservatory, France

Orchestre du Conservatoire,

Conductor Allain Louvier

Duration 12 minutes


Un Souffle, une Ombre, un Rien (2000-2001)

Electroacoustic piece

Premiered March 2001, Paris Conservatory (CNSMDP)

Duration 11 minutes


Inflexion (2001)

2 saxophones

Duration 12 minutes, Publisher Billaudot (info@billaudot.com)




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