10 year old: playing piano, first composition sketches, imitating Bach, Mozart

12 years old: becoming Christian, playing organ, French horn, painting

14 years old: writing post tonal rondos for piano, discovering jazz+POP, playing electric guitar, entering to Prague Conservatory

15 years old: fascination by music of other cultures,

playing didjeridoo, tablas, darboka, oriental flutes, taking singing classes, percussion classes, accompanying dance classes, discovering Ethnomusicology, writing pieces combining classical instruments with instruments from other cultures, concepts in space, photography

18 years old: entering to Prague Academy of Music (Marek Kopelent), working with dancers and choreographers, creating percussion setup combining traditional drums and different found objects, discovering prepared piano, Ligeti, Scielsi, Göbbels, minimalisme (Martin Smolka, ensemble Agon)

20 years old: coming to Paris, studying in CNSM, discovering electroacoustic studio (Luis Naón), writing first acousmatic pieces, discovering spectral music, vocal improvisation (Guy Reibel)

21 years old, stay in Africa, work with dancers and choreographer (Opiyo Okach, Gaara company, performance Abila), developing rhythms

22 years old: first pieces combining instrument ensembles and electronics (Marco Stroppa), learning orchestration (Marc-André Dalbavie)

25 years old: first commissions, writing orchestra pieces (project Boulez, Lucerne Academy)

27 years old: stay in Japan (villa Kujoyama), discovering No theatre, Bunraku, Zen Budhist rituals, since that working on several projects inspired by Japanese voice (Ça tourne ça bloque, Nôise, Imademo, Karakuri)

29 years old: coming to Madrid (Casa de Velazquez), discovering flamenco, buying Violoncello and violin (made in China) and developing detailed techniques on string instruments inspired by flamenco guitar and voice (string quartet No. II Lo que no’ contamo’) relations with visual artists (Muriel Moreau, Charlotte Guibé)

31 years old, coming to Berlin (DAAD scholarship), developing special instrument combining vacuum cleaners with overtone flutes, toy reed instruments and balloons.

32 year old, Writing music theatre pieces (Spielwerk, Le Dîner, Kameny), working with video

33 years old, giving masterclasses of composition (CNSM Paris, Columbia University NY, Musik Hochschule Lucern)

34 years old, writing pieces for choirs and orchestras, conducting (Orchestre National de Lille, Kammer Ensemble Neue Musik) 1st stay in India, discovering Hinduism, relating to Nithyananda, an enlightened master, writing Polednice, writing Körper und Seele (Donaueschingen 2014)

35 years old, writing 7 stones, opera for voices and objects, text by Sjón

•       Prizes:

Prix de Composition Georges Enesco 2011 (Paris, France) for orchestral music

GRAND PRIX Tansman 2010, (Lodz, Poland, orchestral piece Dusty Rusty Hush)

Prix Hervé Dugardin, 2009 for orchestral music

1st prize Métamorphoses – Musique et Recherche 2002, 2004 (Belgium) for EA compositions

1st prize IMEB – Bourges 2003 for EA composition

1st prize from The Hungarian Radio for the composition Souffle, Pouls, Lumière (10 players + electronics)

•       Commissions:

SWR – Donaueschingen, WDR – Witten, Warsaw Autumn, Lucern Festival, Musé du Louvre, Ensemble Intercontemporain, State commissions (France), Les Musiques Marseille, L’Île des découvert – France, Brandenburg Sinfoniker – Germany

•       Residencies/Scholarships

2010-2011 DAAD – Berliner Künstlerprogramm

2009-2011 Casa de Velazquez, Madrid

2007-2008 Villa Kujoyama, Kyoto, Japan,

2002 UNESCO residency, Nairobi (Kenya), contemporary dance and electroacoustic music work – ABILA (Opiyo Occach – choreography)